Oval Tablecloth and Oval Tablecloth Sizes, Ultimate Guide

Oval Tablecloth

How do I find a perfectly fitting oval tablecloth for my table?
Until recently, owners of beautiful oval tables had to settle for standard rectangular tablecloth sizes and settle with an uneven drop because there was no alternative.
This has completely changed now that Premier Table Linens makes any size oval tablecloth to perfectly fit your table.

What shape oval tables are the linens made for?

Oval Table Shapes
We have mastered making oval tablecloths so that they fit any oval shape table listed on this image including boat, egg shape and horse track.

What is a proper tablecloth drop?
That is completely up to you. It can be anywhere from 6" to 12". A drop less than 6" will look too short. I find 8" to 10" to be an ideal tablecloth length, long enough to look beautiful, not so long that the fabric is on your lap.
TIP -  Sit at the table and measure from the top of the table to just above your lap for the perfect drop.

How to measure and how to determine oval tablecloth size?
Measure the width and length of the table. Once you have decided on how much of a drop you would like, add the drop twice to the width and twice to the length of the table. For example:

Table width:42”
Table length: 60”
Desired drop: 8”
CALCULATIONS: 2 X drop: 2 X 8” = 16”
Tablecloth width: 42” + 16” = 58”
Tablecloth length: 60” + 16” = 76”
Tablecloth size to order: 58” X 76”

For a 10" drop on a 42" x 60" table, the tablecloth size is 62" x 80".

How to decide on a fabric? Which are the best fabrics for an oval tablecloth?

Shibori Oval TableclothOval Damask Tablecloth
We offer 112 fabrics so the choice may seem overwhelming. We will help you narrow down your selection. If interested in a linen with a pattern or design, definitely go through our fabric gallery and see which ones appeal to you.
If you just want a basic polyester tablecloth at the best price point, that is the Poly Premier available in 74 colors. Like all our linens, it is commercial grade and soil-release fabric. Downside is that it does wrinkle more than other fabrics I am going to recommend and will require touch-up ironing. The following are fabrics I highly recommend that are extremely wrinkle-resistant and beautiful:
The Poly Stripe.
The Majestic Dupioni (a reversible fabric with 2 completely different looks).
The Spun Poly and the Havana Linen Collection (both 100% high end polyester with the texture and feel of a cotton blend) and the Panama Linen Collection (also high end polyester with the texture and feel of a cotton blend. Very similar to the Havana but even heavier weight).
For consumers wanting a pattern design, from the well-known Damask tablecloths we recommend the Saxony Damask (59% cotton, 41% spun polyester), Melrose Damask (59% cotton, 41% spun polyester) and my favorite Damask pattern, the Miranda Damask (50% cotton, 50% spun polyester). Another great pattern is the Shibori (Japanese tablecloth term used for embellishing textiles by binding and knotting the cloth into shapes before dying). We have the Shibori Hex and the Shibori Stripe. Both are excellent and reversible.

How to order any oval tablecloth size?
Once you have decided on a fabric and color, for all the fabrics I suggested (except for the Panama and Shibori) can be priced and ordered using A.C.T.S. (Any Custom Tablecloth Size). Follow the prompts and enter your information.
For the oval Panama and Shibori which are new and not yet automated on A.C.T.S. if your exact Panama tablecloth or Shibori tablecloth size is not listed, select the next size up and at checkout in the NOTES section specify your tablecloth size.

How long does production take?
Our linens are handmade, made to order. Production time is 5 to 7 days. However, if available, when you click proceed to check out, you will be offered 1-Day Fast Track Production for $9.95.

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