Tablecloth Calculator

How To Measure Tablecloths & Standard Tablecloths Size

How to determine tablecloth sizes

This guide will explain 1st how to determine what tablecloth size is needed and how much table skirting is required for different size tables. For tablecloth size, you will 1st need to measure your table. If a round table, measure the diameter of the tabletop and the height. If a rectangular, oval or square table, measure the length & width.

For oval tablecloths, don’t forget to account for any leaves or extensions your table may have when measuring, as it is common for tables to be extended while entertaining.

What length drop do you want and tablecloth size

"Drop" refers to the length of fabric extending beyond the edge of the table. Anywhere from 6” to 12” is a “standard” tablecloth drop. For weddings, special events and formal occasions, it is recommended to drape the entire table to just above the ground.

Once you have decided on how much of a drop you would like, add the drop twice to the width and twice to the length of the table. For example:

Table width:42”

Table length: 60”

Desired drop: 8”

CALCULATIONS: 2 X drop: 2 X 8” = 16”

Tablecloth width: 42” + 16” = 58”

Tablecloth length: 60” + 16” = 76”

Tablecloth size to order: 58” X 76”

For a 10" drop on a 42" x 60" table, the tablecloth size is 62" x 80".

Tablecloth Size Calculator

If you prefer, below is a tablecloth calculator. Simply enter your table dimension and how much of a drop you would like and the tablecloth size calculator will return your tablecloth size.

Square, rectangular or oval tablecloths

table diagrams for tablecloths size calculation

Your Size Is:  

Round Tablecloths

Table skirt sizes and how much it will skirt the table

Below are standard table sizes used in the wedding, party rental and hospitality industry with what size table skirt will cover 3-sides of the table and skirt size to cover all 4- sides of the table.

table skirt
table skirts sizes charts
round table skirts sizes table

Round Standard Tablecloth Sizes

round tablecloth over a table

Round tables that are 30" height typically have a 12" or 15" drop unless for formal occasions when almost always the table is covered completely to just above the ground. For overlays for round tables with the tablecloth going to the ground, the overlay can be either round or square. Square overlays on round tables look very striking and beautiful.

gray round tablecloth over a table

For 42" height cocktail tables, it is best to use a tablecloth size that will completely drape the table. There are two options with cocktail tablecloths as you will see in the diagram below. For the linen to come straight down to just above the floor or to create a puddle on the floor. Many decorators tie the fabric around the poll and then have a puddle. For this reason we list 2 different sizes for the puddle effect. 

One last suggestion for these pub tables is spandex tablecloths. They can come straight down and the leg pockets attach to the legs or as the 2nd photograph shows, twisted before attaching to the legs. If you decide on spandex table covers, besides the diameter of the table, you will need to know if the table has 4 prong legs or a round base. We make spandex for both types, with leg pockets or with elastic to go under the round base.

Standard tablecloth sizes for 30” height tables.

round tablecloths sizes charts

Standard tablecloth sizes for 42” height tables.

round tablecloths sizes table for cocktail tables

Standard tablecloth sizes for most common rectangular tables.

standard rectangular tablecloths sizes table

Square Tablecloth Sizes

square tablecloth sizes

Any Custom Tablecloth Size

If not a size listed here, use our A.C.T.S. (Any Custom Tablecloth Size) program to price and purchase any other size linen, table skirting or stage skirting.