Spandex / Stretch Truss Covers

Truss cover sleeves give your installation a smooth, finished appearance, fits like a glove, is very easy to install and priced by the foot. No gimmicks, no hassles. High performance stretch fabric and 10 years manufacturing Spandex products for the special event and hospitality industry results in the most durable Spandex truss wraps in the Country.

Premium quality, high performance, durable stretch Spandex truss covers made of 6.0 ounce fabric are available in 20 vibrant colors. Custom sizes available on request. The one piece tube, stretched spandex cover is slipped over the length of the truss. The Spandex wrap can be used for both vertical and horizontal trusses, depending on your needs. Unlike many stretch truss sleeves in the market, our stretchy truss covers are designed without Velcro® or zippers, which will damage the Spandex when washed. Instead ours slip easily over the truss, allowing for a seamless and sleek appearance, perfect for your next event.

Our truss sleeves are finished with a double thick stretch hemmed border on either open end to easily attach. Made to order here in the United States and ready to ship in 24 to 48 hours.

Our covers are easy to care for and can be used repeatedly for a variety of events. Easily wash in cool water on the delicate cycle, tumble dry on low heat, and fold and store for your next event.

We are the leading manufacturer of Spandex products for events. Not only truss covers but also table covers ,DJ Scrim covers, hanging sails, backdrops, spandex screens, water drum and garbage can covers. All Spandex products are available in 20 colors for you to choose from. We also digitally print beautiful graphics in rich color onto any of our stretch fabric goods using the latest Full Dye Sublimation print technology. Create an eye catching piece that will be the talk of your event. From Truss Covers to table covers, share the message of your brand with clarity on our Premium, wrinkle free stretch Spandex fabric.

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