Oval Shibori tablecloth on a farmhouse table
Oval Shibori tablecloth
Shibori tablecloth on a large custom size table
Shibori Hex Oval Tablecloth
Shibori tablecloth on an oval table
Shibori tablecloth, oval table cloth
Shibori Hex tablecloth in a beautiful home dining room
Shibori Hex tablecloth on a large oval table
Shibori Hex tablecloth
Shibori oval tablecloth, Christmas table cloth
Shibori Hex tablecloth on an oval table
Shibori Hex Oval Tablecloth - Premier Table Linens - PTL
Shibori oval tablecloth
Shibori tablecloth, Christmas table cloth
Round Shibori tablecloth
Shibori Hex Oval Tablecloth - Premier Table Linens - PTL
Shibori Hex Oval Tablecloth

Shibori Hex Oval Tablecloth

Excellent quality Shibori Tablecloth

  • Luxurious oval tablecloth.
  • Hand made using Shibori dyeing technique.
  • The tablecloth is also reversible with 2 completely different look.
  • Very textured table linen.
  • 5 Colors available.
  • Easy care - machine wash, tumble dry.
  • Practically wrinkle free. Soil release fabric.
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These are not Dinner Napkins. Dinner Napkins are 17" x 17" or 20" x 20". Do you wish to proceed?

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From our designer collection,  Shibori tablecloths in the beautiful Shibori hex pattern.  Luxurious table linen with rich texture. Shibori is the Japanese art of arranging and manipulating the cloth to create a pattern. In this case, the hex, by using a manual resist dyeing technique. The results and stitching are not only stunning, but it also create two completely different looks on the reversible tablecloth. Take a look at the photographs on the listing of the red to appreciate the 2 different looks.

Easy care - machine wash warm, tumble dry. Very wrinkle-resistant and soil-release fabric. 


Our oval tablecloths will fit any oval-shaped table.
A "standard" dining drop is anywhere from 6" to 12". Be sure to add the drop desired twice to your table width and twice to the length for the correct size table linen. 

For example, for a 44" x 64" oval table, a 60" x 80" tablecloth size will give a beautiful 8" drape.