Fall Tablecloths, Everything You Need To Know

Fall Oval Tablecloth

Ready for a fall tablecloth to go with your cool autumn decor? Your fall tablecloth doesn’t have to be printed with pumpkins or leaves. Choosing the right fall color and fabric can provide functionality while also celebrating the fall season.

Top selling fall colors

The top selling fall colors every year are burnt orange, orange, tan, toast, natural, ivory, copper, espresso, chocolate, olive, goldenrod and cornsilk.
Our Poly Premier fabric offers all of these colors as does the Majestic tablecloth.

How to measure and how to determine tablecloth size? 

1st You will need to decide how much of a drop you would like.
It can be anywhere from 6" to 12". A drop less than 6" will look too short. I find 8" to 10" to be an ideal tablecloth length, long enough to look beautiful, not so long that the fabric is on your lap.
TIP - Sit at the table and measure from the top of the table to just above your lap for the perfect drop. 

Once decided, measure the width and length of the table. Add the drop twice to the width and twice to the length of the table. For example:

Table width:42”
Table length: 60”
Desired drop: 8”
CALCULATIONS: 2 X drop: 2 X 8” = 16”
Tablecloth width: 42” + 16” = 58”
Tablecloth length: 60” + 16” = 76”
Tablecloth size to order: 58” X 76”

For a 10" drop on a 42" x 60" table, the tablecloth size is 62" x 80".

Best tablecloth fabrics 

We have listed the best tablecloths for fall decor below and the reason why:

Oval Poly Premier Tablecloth
Poly Premier, the basic Polyester tablecloth. Best price point and over 17 autumn colors.

Majestic Reversible Tablecloths
Majestic, an excellent quality, reversible fall tablecloth and practically wrinkle free.10 Fall colors.

Oval Burlap Tablecloth
Burlap, Jute burlap tablecloths are popular as a Thanksgiving tablecloth. Do keep in mind that burlap can not be machine washed, only hand cleaned.

Rectangular Faux Burlap Tablecloth
Faux burlap, the rustic burlap look yet top quality, 100% polyester and machine washable. For this reason, a great choice as a Thanksgiving tablecloth.

Rectangular Havana Tablecloth
Havana Linen Collection, top of the line fall table cloth. High quality, 100% Polyester with texture and the look and feel of a linen tablecloth. Practically wrinkle free. Available in camel, natural, ivory, chocolate and orange. Perfect holiday and gold for a Christmas tablecloth (order together for the holidays and avoid having to pay for shipping again).

Round Kenya Damask Tablecloth
Jacquard natural Damask tablecloth, high quality polyester. Available in natural, sand and flax.

Round Melrose Damask Tablecloth
Saxony Damask and Melrose Damask, both are a cotton/polyester linen tablecloth. Excellent quality, practically wrinkle free and available in ivory and cafe with hunter green, burgundy and white for the holidays

Rectangular Miranda Damask Tablecloth
Our favorite, the Miranda Damask. Excellent quality cotton/polyester, two tone and also practically wrinkle free. Available in champagne, dijon, sienna and chocolate for the fall. For Christmas the bordeaux.

A.C.T.S. Any Custom Tablecloth Size A.C.T.S. Any Custom Tablecloth Size
If your exact tablecloth size is not listed, simply use our A.C.T.S. (Any Custom Tablecloth Size) to order your perfectly fitting tablecloth.

Remember to either order matching fall napkins or in a different color and fabric to complete your fall table decor. The velvet napkins will add depth with the texture and available in ivory, golden, cashmere, tan and brown.