Black stage skirt at a concert on the river front.
black stage skirt shirred pleat
stage skirting at a school graduation
Stage skirt under a tent for outdoor event
stage skirt at a wedding reception
I.F.R. Stage Skirt Shirred Pleat
stage skirting at a concert in a mall
stage skirt under a tent
I.F.R. Stage Skirt Shirred Pleat
I.F.R. Stage Skirt Shirred Pleat
I.F.R. Stage Skirt Shirred Pleat
stage skirting at a concert in Florida

I.F.R. Stage Skirt Shirred Pleat

Inherently Fire Retardant Stage Skirts

  • Shirred pleating style (ruffled).
  • Sold by the foot, all lengths and heights.
  • Easy care, machine wash, tumble dry fabric.
  • The highest level of fire retardancy.
  • Certified NFPA 701, CA Title 19, Section 1237
  • & Canadian ULC-S109-14 testing.
  • Option to add I.F.R. tag on each skirt.
  • In addition to certification which is Emailed.
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These are not Dinner Napkins. Dinner Napkins are 17" x 17" or 20" x 20". Do you wish to proceed?

  • Detailed Description
  • Specifications

Inherently fire retardant stage skirt, school stage, portable stages, risers, etc. Certified NFPA 701, CA Title 19, Section 1237 and Canadian ULC-S109-14 testing standards. The I.F.R. certification is Emailed with each purchase. In addition, option to have the certification seal sewn onto a tag on each skirt.


Shirred pleat (ruffled) is by far the most popular style. The Poly Premier fabric is hemmed and sewn with T-40 Thread for a panel effect with a full three-thread merrow finish.

100% woven Polyester, flame retardant, soil release, commercial grade and wrinkle resistant. Machine wash, dry low heat setting and remove promptly.


Choose the length, height and color needed. Minimum length is 3'. The maximum length per section is 30' because if it were longer, it would be difficult to launder, etc. If needing longer than 42', simply divide it up into sections. The entire back top of the skirt is sewn with the "Loop" (also called "female side") of "Hook and Loop" to attach to your stage or fixture. "Hook side" 25-yard adhesive strips are also available to purchase on this product if you do not already have.


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