Stage Skirts, Stage Skirting, What You Need to know

Black Stage Skirt

How To Measure

The 1st thing needed is the measurements of the stage, riser or platform that is going to be skirted. What is the height from the top to bottom? What is the length of each section? Next you will need to decide if you wish to cover all four sides or three sides only. For example, if the platform is against a wall, there is no need to cover all four sides.

Type Of Stage Skirt Pleating

Stage Skirts. Type of stage skirt pleating

There are 4 types of stage pleating. Shirred pleat:

 Stage Skirt Flat Wrap

Flat Wrap has no pleats. This new, clean, modern look has become increasing popular.

 Stage Skirt Shirred Pleat

Shirred Pleat is the traditional, most popular for school functions, special events and trade shows. Constructed with gathered folds at the top created a ruffled, professional appearance. A great advantage of shirred pleat stage skirts is that minor wrinkles will not be noticeable.


Stage Skirt Box Pleat

Box Pleat created the most polished, professional look for elegant affairs, weddings, country clubs, corporate events and seminars. Each box pleat is 4” wide giving each pleat a defined tailored appearance. Manufacturing these does take 2.5 more material than shirred or flat wraps and the reason that they are more expensive.


Stage Skirt Accordion Pleat

Accordion Pleat Very similar to the box pleat but instead of 4” wide pleats, 1” wide pleats on the accordion custom skirts.


Stage Skirt Printed with logo


Another option is stage skirting with a school, corporate or sponsor logo.
With the stage being the focal point of the event, this is a tremendous branding opportunity.
Custom logo stage skirts can be printed not only on flat wraps, but the shirred or box pleat as well as the image above.

Fire Retardant

Some venues and local fire marshals require proof that fabrics are fire retardant. Our Poly Premier fabric is fire retardant. In addition, we have Inherently Fire Retardant (I.F.R.) which is the highest level for fire prevention, never washes off. We offer I.F.R. skirting with I.F.R. seal tag for only $4 more.

How To Attach The Stage Skirt To The Stage

This is done with hook and loop fastener. At Premier Table Linens we use 1” VELCRO® Brand loop fastener, sewn into the entire back top of the skirts. Attach adhesive hook fastener along the stage platform and then simply “hang” the skirting. If outdoors during the summer, it is recommended to use a quality brand adhesive fastener such as VELCRO® Brand that will not melt from the heat.

How To Purchase Stage Skirts, Runway Skirts, Platform Skirts, A.V. Cart Skirts

Select below the style of skirting then on the product enter skirting height and number of feet for each section.

Flat Wrap Stage Skirt
Shirred Pleat Stage Skirt
Box Pleat Stage Skirt 

How To Launder

The reason we recommend purchasing stage skirts in sections instead of all one piece is so that it can be washed when needed. It is a lot easier to wash 8’, 12’ and 16’ sections where it would be very difficult to wash a huge 36’ or 48’ section. The individual panels and the fact that we use high quality Polyester fabric make laundering so much easier. Machine wash or dry clean. Do not expose the skirts to heat above 140°F to prevent permanent wrinkles.