Table Skirt, How To Skirt A Table

white table skirt

Table skirts are great for trade shows, seminars, presentations, corporate meetings, markets, buffet tables, special events, country clubs, and for hotel functions. For weddings, also a favorite to decorate the sweetheart table or cake table. Regardless of if you are seeking the professional or glamorous appeal, table skirting easily helps achieve that desired look.

Determine table skirt size needed

This table skirt guide will explain what products are needed, how to determine the size and step by step on how to skirt a table. 

The 1st thing you need to know is the table size, width, length and height. Next you will need to determine if you wish to cover 3-sides or all 4-sides of the table. If the table is going to be against a wall or if guest will not have access behind the table, it is only necessary to cover 3-sides of the table.

With this information, the graph below indicates the table skirt size needed.

table skirt sizes chart

Types of pleating 

table skirt pleats
table skirt shirred pleat

Shirred Pleat

Shirred Pleat is the most popular for school functions, special events and trade shows. Constructed with gathered folds at the top created a ruffled, professional appearance. A great advantage of shirred pleat table skirts is that minor wrinkles will not be noticeable

table skirt box pleat

Box Pleat

Box Pleat created the most polished, professional look for elegant events, weddings, country clubs, corporate meetings and seminars. Each box pleat is 4” wide giving each pleat a defined tailored appearance. Manufacturing these does take 2.5 more material than the shirred version and thus the reason that they are more expensive.

table skirt accordion pleat

Accordion Pleat

Accordion Pleat Very similar to the box pleat table skirting but instead of 4” wide pleats, 1” wide pleats.

Table skirt with logo

If attending a trade show, festival, market or convention, the table skirt with your custom logo is a great option and a lot less expensive than you would think. Also great for scouting events

cusom printed table skirts

What else is needed?

To completely skirt a table, in addition to the skirt, you will also need table skirt clips and a table topper to cover the top of the table. A table topper is the same thing as a tablecloth. The table topper size does not need to be exactly 3” to 6” longer than the tabletop since any extra fabric is going behind the skirt and will not be seen. The exception is that some customers, for weddings and very elegant affairs, even though the top of the table skirt clips are clear plastic, they do not even want the clear top of the plastic clip to show. In this case, the topper goes on the outside of the skirt (like in the 1st picture below). If going with the topper underneath, here is the link for standard table toppers. To go on the outside, add 3 inches twice to the length and 3 inches twice to the width of the table(s) and use A.C.T.S. (Any Custom Tablecloth Size) to order the topper/tablecloth. The topper can be the same color as the skirt or a different color to make it really stand out.

white table skirt
table skirt topper

Once the table topper is on, next snap onto the edge of the table the clear table skirt clips. They should be every 12” so it holds the skirting firmly. The entire back of our table skirts has the hook side of the VELCRO brand® fastener. The clips have the opposite side, and this is how the skirt attaches to the table. There are 4 different size clips, each size is made to clip on to tables of different thicknesses. Measure the edge of your table to determine what size table skirt clip you will need.

For consumers that attend different trade shows or events and do not know how thick the tables you will be presented with are, we offer a combo clip package. With these two size clips, one of the 2 sizes will fit almost any event table.

The last step is attaching the skirt to the clips. Pick any starting point on the table and attach the skirt to the clip. Work your way around the table attaching the skirting to the rest of the clips.

velcro table skirt clips functionality

Any Custom Skirt Size

If not a size listed here, use our A.C.T.S. (Any Custom Tablecloth Size) program to price and purchase any other size linen, table skirting or stage skirting.