Vinyl Tablecloths, What is a Good Quality Vinyl Tablecloth

vinyl tablecloth on home table
checkered vinyl tablecloth on restaurant tables

For consumers beginning their search for a wipe clean tablecloth, the search for vinyl tablecloths can seem overwhelming and for good reason. There are so many products, gauges and different qualities being offered all over the Internet and at brick-and-mortar stores.

In this article we will discuss what you need to know.

Vinyl tablecloth with flannel backing

Some vinyl tablecloths are made with flannel backing, others are not. The great feature of a vinyl tablecloth, in addition to being able to wipe any spills off, is to protect the table. A vinyl tablecloth with flannel backing not only protects the table from spills but also from scratches as well as protecting the table from heat of serving dishes. In addition, this soft felt backing also adds padding to your dining table for your guest comfort. For all these reasons, If you are going to use a vinyl tablecloth, take advantage of all the added features you get from a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth!

vinyl tablecloth with flannel back

Understanding Vinyl Gauge

Like plastic, the thickness is the gauge. The higher the gauge, the thicker it is. At Party City they sell 1 and 2-gauge disposable vinyl. On Amazon, the most prevalent gauge vinyl is 1 to 3.

4 To 9 gauge is considered good quality vinyl. 10 Gauge or higher is excellent quality. The gauge not only determines the quality, but the durability as well. Although vinyl over 12 gauge is available, we do not recommend over 12 gauge for a tablecloths due to the fact that because of the thickness, it will not hang the way a table linen should.

or the past two years Premier Table Linens has been manufacturing 6 Gauge vinyl. In December 2023, we introduced the Designer Collection vinyl tablecloths. These are 12 gauge with an even heavier, tighter flannel backing than our 6 gauge standard vinyl. Three patterns are available in these chic tablecloths. The vintage Damask with its swirling pattern. The Pebble, beautifully textured like a cobblestone road and the Crock with the look and feel of crocodile skin. You can view closeup of the 3 patterns and colors HERE.

Comparing 6 Gauge & 12 Gauge

6 Gauge Vinyl

vinyl fitted tablecloth with flannel back

6 Gauge vinyl

traditional vinyl tablecloth on a restaurant table

6 Gauge vinyl

6 Gauge

1. Versatility: 6 Gauge vinyl tablecloths are known for their versatility and durability. They offer adequate protection for your table. The felt backing is just as thick on the 6 as it is on the 12 gauge. Being available in 38 solid colors, 8 checkered colors as well as the fern and camouflage print, there is a color to match to any décor, season of the year, holiday or theme. 

2. Easy Care: Heavy duty 6 gauge vinyl is as easy to clean and maintain as the 12 gauge. Whether it's a spill from a family dinner with children or a party, a quick wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel is all it takes. 

3. Cost: One of the key advantages of 6 gauge vinyl, in addition to all the colors, is its affordability. If you're looking for a budget-friendly option that still provides reliable table protection and easy cleaning, these laminated tablecloths are an excellent choice.

12 Gauge Vinyl

high end vinyl tablecloth at a home

12 Gauge vinyl

vinyl fitted tablecloth with elastic going under the table

12 Gauge vinyl

12 Gauge

1. Luxurious Texture: The standout feature of our designer collection of high-end 12 gauge vinyl tablecloths is their luxurious texture and stunning patterns. 25 Colors, three patterns. Pebble, crocodile texture and the Damask floral swirl. 

2. Sophisticated Appearance: Beyond the luxurious texture and thickness, our high-end vinyl tablecloths elevate the aesthetic of any space and adds a touch of opulence. The high-end quality, texture and added thickness contributes to a more substantial and high-quality appearance, making these tablecloths a perfect choice for upscale homes, elegant dinners, fine dining restaurants, formal events and special occasions.

3. Enhanced Durability: If durability is a top priority, our 12 gauge vinyl tablecloths are designed to be even more durable. The thicker material provides even more durability, both for home and commercial use.

very elegant vinyl tablecloth with formal dining table set

12 Gauge
Damask Vinyl

close up of a damask vinyl tablecloth pattern

12 Gauge
Croc Vinyl

close up of a high end croc vinyl tablecloth pattern

12 Gauge
Pebble Vinyl

close up of a high end Pebble vinyl tablecloth pattern


You may wonder why in an article discussing quality there is a paragraph on colors. While vinyl is impervious to spills, some tough stains like tomato sauce is more likely to possibly stain a white or light color vinyl tablecloths vs a darker color. Keep this in mind when deciding on a color.

A Vinyl Tablecloth or a Vinyl Fitted Tablecloth?

What suits your style and table the best? A traditional vinyl tablecloth look or a vinyl fitted tablecloth? If a tablecloth, with vinyl, a 5” or 6” drop is recommended. Add 12” to the width and 12” to the length of your table measurement for your tablecloth size that will give a 6” drop. For round and oval tables, the fitted tablecloth has elastic and goes under the edge of the table. There must be a 3” clearance under the table for the elastic and fabric to secure underneath. For square and rectangular tables, due the the thickness of the vinyl, the fabric would pucker at the corners if we were to go under the table. Instead we make square and rectangular fitted tablecloths with an elegant, short 3” boarder and this keeps the vinyl table cover in place.

Below are the links to order round, oval, rectangular and square tablecloths.