Round Vinyl Tablecloth With Flannel Backing, High End - Premier Table Linens
Round Vinyl Tablecloth With Flannel Backing, High End
Round Vinyl Tablecloth With Flannel Backing, High End
Round Vinyl Tablecloth With Flannel Backing, High End
Round Vinyl Tablecloth With Flannel Backing, High End
Round Vinyl Tablecloth With Flannel Backing, High End
Round Vinyl Tablecloth With Flannel Backing, High End

Round Vinyl Tablecloth With Flannel Backing, High End

From Our New Designer Collection, 12 Gauge Vinyl Tablecloths

  • 3 Collections to choose from, Damask, Croc & Pebble.
  • 9 Croc colors, 9 Pebble colors & 4 Damask colors.
  • All top of the line, 12 Gauge (heaviest weight) and textured
  • With soft, protecting flannel backing.
  • Spill proof, disinfect, clean simply wiping off!
  • Best quality anywhere. Introduced December 2023.
  • Tablecloths over 54" wide will have side seams.
  • Manufactured and shipped in 5 bussiness days
  • or for $10.95 Fast Track Production, 1 to 2 days.
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    These are not Dinner Napkins. Dinner Napkins are 17" x 17" or 20" x 20". Do you wish to proceed?

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    Flannel Backed Vinyl Tablecloth, High end, Chic Vinyl

    After months of development and sourcing the best vinyl fabric anywhere, December 2023 we introduced the high-end vinyl tablecloths.

     From our Designer Collection, 12 gauge, textured vinyl tablecloth with flannel backing. One of the nicest quality vinyl available on the market as well as extra heavy duty. 

    Chic vinyl tablecloths are a great alternative to purchasing and having to launder linen tablecloths.  You still get the beautiful look of a nice table linen without having to launder and you protect your table.


    In addition to being so beautiful and textured, these high-end vinyl tablecloths are even more durable than the standard.

    3 Patterns to select from, Damask, Croc and Pebbles. 25 Colors available.


     Easy to clean, wipe off vinyl. The extra soft, flannel back vinyl tablecloth also protects your table from scratches and heat.


    We also manufacture standard 6.0 gauge flannel backed vinyl tablecloths.


    We take great pride in what high-quality vinyl table covers these are.  In addition to the pattern and texture, the edges are finished with a professional overlock stitch.

    Please note that the fabric is 54" wide. Sizes larger than 54" wide will be constructed with a side panel on each side.


    The sizes listed are table cloth sizes, not table sizes. With vinyl, we recommend a short 6 inch drop.

     Be sure to add the desired drop twice to the table diameter. For example, if the table is a 48" round, a 60 round vinyl tablecloth size will give a 6" drop.

     All sizes are available and any custom tablecloth size can be made as well. 

    If your perfect size is not listed, select the closest size up listed in the product sizes and then in the note section, let us know what size to make your vinyl table cover.


    In addition to the standard shipping folded-in-a-box method, we also offer the option to ship on a roll to prevent creases and wrinkles. If you choose not to upgrade to shipping rolled on a tube, once received, using a hair dryer or placing the vinyl outdoors on sunny days will relax the fabric and the creases will come out.


    Production time is 5 business days. For only $10.95 for the entire order, we offer 1 to 2-Day Fast Track Production. The $10.95 pays overtime and the vinyl will be made in the evening.

    Once you click to proceed to checkout, you will be offered Fast Track Production. We offer both standard and expedited shipping nationwide.


    Care and cleaning instructions 

    Vinyl should never be machine washed and there is no reason to need to do so. Use a paper towel or damp cloth and wipe off any spills with soap and warm water. It is very important to do so as soon as the spill occurs. Otherwise, it can stain your vinyl table cover. Use a medium bristle brush if necessary to remove soiling agents embedded in the surface. If using an all-purpose cleaning, or disinfecting spray, test in an inconspicuous spot before using. Also, be sure that the cleaner does not contain more than 10% bleach. 

    Do not use alcohol-based cleaners. 

    Contact us

    Any questions, feel free to call our trained table linen professionals at (800) 937-1159.

    We are open from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Saturday.