Polyester Premier Vs. Poly-Cotton Twill Tablecloths- Which Is Better

white square polyester tablecloths


Regarding tablecloths, certain fabrics work best according to the type of event you are hosting and polyester and cotton are among the top two materials most people choose from. Understanding each fabric will help you determine which tablecloth suits your event the best especially because tablecloths can come in a singular fabric type or a combination. 

The Benefits Of Poly-Premier Tablecloths

  • Poly-premier tablecloths are 100% woven polyester
  • They are considered a heavy-weight material
  • Poly-premier tablecloths are flame resistant
  • Poly-premier has excellent color retention
  • They are wrinkle resistant and have low lint
  • Fabric is 132” inches wide
  • There are no seams on the Poly-premier tablecloths
  • Tablecloths are finished with merrowed edges
  • It is a stain-release fabric
  • It is considered the workhorse of the tablecloth industry
  • Comes in 74 colors, a complete line, and in a large stock
  • Ships immediately
  • It is the best-priced tablecloth both in retail and wholesale
  • Poly-premier tablecloths are easy to care for

The Benefits Of Poly-Cotton Twill Tablecloths

  • Poly-cotton twill is a 50% woven cotton and 50% polyester
  • It is a durable fabric 
  • Easy to care for
  • Poly-cotton twill comes in 20 different colors
  • Poly-cotton twill is a soil release fabric
  • It has excellent color retention that can last up to years
  • It is a heavy-weight material
  • Poly-cotton twill is a soft fabric while still durable
  • This fabric is an absorbent fabric
  • It is seamless up to 120” inches

What Kind Of Event Do I Use Poly-Premier Tablecloths For

Polyester premier tablecloths are perfect for any special event. Whether it's for a wedding, anniversary, sweet sixteen, or a convention, these tablecloths come in such a wide variety of colors that they can accommodate any event being hosted. Their shiny and silky appearance compared to a poly-cotton twill makes polyester premier tablecloths the first choice for many formal events. They are also very durable so you don’t have to worry about them shrinking if they need to be washed which also means they can last through many occasions. They come in every size such as rectangle, oval, round, or custom sized and they can easily be paired with other matching polyester premier linens. 

What Kind Of Event Do I Use Poly-Cotton Twill Tablecloths For

Using poly-cotton twill tablecloths is a great way to add a touch of elegance while still ensuring the softness of your table linen piece. Poly-cotton twill is typically used for professional rental companies and fine dining establishments. This type of tablecloth has similar benefits to polyester but is similar to cotton because of its absorbency making it a safe choice to use for any event that you can use over and over again.  It comes in a variety of sizes and plenty of standard color options. It's a versatile tablecloth that gives you the best of both worlds between polyester and cotton. 

Poly-Premier Vs. Poly-Cotton Twill- Which Is Better

Understanding both types of fabrics will give you direction into which type of fabric choice will work best for your event. Either can be used for any event but poly-premier certainly carries a more formal look vs. a poly-cotton twill. It's also clear that poly-premier has more benefits over a poly-cotton twill making it the better choice overall. The large variety of color options for the poly-premier tablecloths allows you to easily coordinate with a color scheme for your event and the fact that poly-premier is wrinkle-free means you can worry less about transporting it around to events. 

Whatever type of event you are hosting, Premier Table Linens has a wide selection of tablecloths and table linens to choose from. You are sure to find what you need for your event at Premier Table Linens.