Checkered oval tablecloth in a country home dining room
red white check tablecloth on an oval table with vase of flowers
Checkered Oval Tablecloth, fall tablecloth with pumpkin decorations
Gingham checkered oval tablecloth black white checks with placemats
red white checkered table linen, oval tablecloth
back white xheckered round tablecloth on a patio table
Check tablecloth black white, Thanksgiving tablecloth with pumpkin
plaid tablecloth on a larg oval table with tulips on the table
Checkered Oval Tablecloth, Gingham Tablecloth  formal table setting
Black and white Gingham tablecloth, Christmas tablecloth beautifully decorated
black white ginghan tablecloth on an oval table
Gingham tablecloth, outdoor tablecloth with umbrella hole
Checkered Oval Tablecloth, Gingham Tablecloth  during the holidays
Gingham tablecloth, wedding tablecloth, outdoor wedding
Checkered Oval Tablecloth, Gingham Table cloth in a home dining room table
Gingham check oval tablecloth during Christmas season in a home dining room
Christmas tablecloth,  Gingham tablecloth red and white with linen napkins
Checkered Oval Tablecloth, Christmas tablecloth black and white
Black white checkered tablecloth with red placemats and cloth napkins during the holidays
Plaid tablecloth, oval tablecloth, Christmas tablecloth and placemats
Checkered tablecloth color swatches

Checkered Oval Tablecloth, Gingham Tablecloth

Stylish, Timeless Gingham Check Tablecloth

  • Excellent quality, 100% polyester linens.
  • Our oval tablecloths will fit any shape oval table.
  • Very easy care - machine wash, tumble dry.
  • Soil relase fabric, very wrinkle resistant.
  • All oval tablecloth sizes.
  • For any other size, not listed on this listing, click here
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These are not Dinner Napkins. Dinner Napkins are 17" x 17" or 20" x 20". Do you wish to proceed?

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Vintage Meets Glam!
Whether you call this fabric polyester checkered tablecloth Gingham, checkered, checked, or plaid tablecloth, this classic design tugs at our sense of Americana and nostalgia for all things family. In addition to the traditional red and white checkered tablecloth, the black and white checkered tablecloth, and the blue and white we also have the Gingham tablecloth in burgundy and white, lemon and white, maize and white, gold/white, moss/white, hunter green/white and teal and white.


Excellent quality,  machine washable, durable. Very easy care -  soil-release fabric and practically wrinkle-free. 


The sizes listed are tablecloth sizes, not table sizes. A "standard" dining drop is anywhere from 6" to 12". Be sure to add the drop desired twice to your table measurement for the correct size linen. For example, on a 55" x 75" table, a 75" x 95" tablecloth will give a nice 10" drop. 


For complete washing instructions and tip