How To Instantly Price and Order Any Custom Size Tablecloth, Fitted Tablecloth, Table Skirt, Stage Skirt and Curtains

ACTS Any Custom Tablecloth Size

How To Instantly Price and Order Any Custom Size Tablecloth

We invented the A.C.T.S. program (Any Custom Tablecloths Sizes) to make it a simple one step process to instantly price and purchase any custom tablecloth size. In today’s market, there are 1000’s of table sizes, each one with different measurements. Or perhaps for your wedding reception you will have rows of tables and would like a single, long tablecloth for each row.
No longer do you have to settle for a standard tablecloth size that was not meant for your table. Perfectly fitting tablecloths for any size table. Simply enter the tablecloth size needed (not table size but tablecloth size), select a fabric, choose hem options and the program instantly return a price. For outdoor tablecloths we even offer the option of adding umbrella hole.


How to measure and how to determine tablecloth size?

A tablecloth drop can be anywhere from 6" to 12" unless you wish to cover the entire table to just above the ground. We find 8" to 10" to be an ideal tablecloth length, long enough to look beautiful, not so long that the fabric is on your lap.
TIP - Sit at the table and measure from the top of the table to just above your lap for the perfect drop.
Measure the width and length of the table. Once you have decided on how much of a drop you would like, add the drop twice to the width and twice to the length of the table.

For example:
Table width:40”
Table length: 80”
Desired drop: 8”
CALCULATIONS: 2 X drop: 2 X 8” = 16”
Tablecloth width: 40” + 16” = 56”
Tablecloth length: 80” + 16” = 96”
Tablecloth size to order: 56” X 96”

Using the above example, to completely cover a 40” x 80” table that is 30” in height, 100” x 140” is the correct size.
You can also use our Tablecloth Calculator.

Best table cloth material

26 fabrics are available on A.C.T.S. as well as 135 print patterns. The best price point fabric is the Poly Premier, our basic polyester. Available in 74 colors. Like all our linens, it is commercial grade and soil-release. It does wrinkle more than the 10 fabrics I am going to recommend that are extremely wrinkle resistant, beautiful and even better quality. The Majestic Dupioni is a reversible fabric with 2 completely different looks, Havana Linen Collection (100% high end polyester with the texture and feel of a cotton blend) and the Spun Poly are all great choices for solid colors. With a pattern, the Poly Stripe, Poly Check and our 5 excellent quality Damask tablecloths; Melrose (59% cotton, 41% spun polyester), Saxony (59% cotton, 41% spun polyester), Somerset (100% spun polyester), Kenya (100% spun polyester) and my favorite Damask, the Miranda (50% cotton, 50% spun polyester).

Fitted Tablecloth

Fitted Tablecloth Pleated and Non Pleated
You build your fitted tablecloth as you prefer. Choose with inverted pleated corners or non-pleated. Choice of four-sided or open back to be seated at trade shows, registrations tables, etc. Option for 2 hidden corner slits for easy access to storage under the table or hidden slit in all 4 corners for guest to comfortably be seated at special events, wedding receptions, banquets or dining table.

Any Size Table Skirt, Stage skirt

Stage Skirts
For tables, stages, risers, catwalks and platforms simply calculate the length of skirting needed and measure the height. You can order any size and any height up to 42”. If needing taller, call us for pricing. Next you will need to decide on which pleat style you would like. We offer all four - flat wrap, shirred, box or accordion pleat. Shirred is the most popular and box pleat is the most elegant.
For fabric, the best price point is the Poly Premier, our basic polyester which is good quality and offers 74 colors to choose from. The Poly Stripe is also very popular. For consumers such as country clubs and resorts wanting excellent quality, we recommend the Spun Poly.

Valances, curtains Including Extra Tall and ceiling swag

Any size curtain
Each home as well as event decorators, venues and weddings all have unique drapery needs. Be it for window panels, partitions, wedding decor, up lighting or ceiling swag. Create a look that is all yours to fit any window or for any event, no matter how wide and tall. You can now price and purchase exact measurements needed. Choose drapery fabric with the standard 3" rod pocket or 4”. For swag without rod pockets, enter the item into the program as a tablecloth.
Our top sellers for curtains are Velvet which is trending and Poly Premier for weddings and event decoration. With these 2 fabrics, there is 92 colors available. For ceiling swag, the organza and radiance offer a pop in colors. They can be purchased on A.C.T.S. or if 60” wide will work for your event, purchase as fabric by the yard and save money.