The Difference Between Natural and Faux Burlap Tablecloths

When it comes to creating a captivating table setting, the choice of tablecloth plays a crucial role in setting the tone for the occasion. One trend that has gained popularity over the years is burlap tablecloths. Their rustic charm and versatility make them a preferred choice for various events. When shopping for these tablecloths, you'll usually encounter two primary options: natural and faux burlap. In this blog post, we'll explore the differences between these two materials and compare their features to help you make an informed decision for your next tablecloth purchase.

Havana Faux Burlap Linens on tables at an event

Natural Burlap Linens

Natural burlap is a timeless fabric known for its rugged texture and eco-friendly attributes. Made from the jute plant, this biodegradable material boasts a unique rustic appeal, making it a favorite for rustic-themed weddings, farmhouse-style events, and outdoor gatherings. Here's a closer look at the benefits and considerations of using natural burlap tablecloths:


  • Authentic charm: Natural burlap's coarse texture and earthy tones create an unmistakable rustic ambiance, adding a touch of authenticity to your décor.

  • Eco-friendly: As a plant-based material, natural burlap is biodegradable, making it an eco-conscious choice for environmentally-conscious individuals.

  • Versatility: Natural burlap pairs wonderfully with a variety of décor elements, from vintage mason jars to elegant floral arrangements, making it an incredibly versatile choice for different occasions.


  • Shedding: Natural burlap tends to shed fibers, especially when it's new. This may require some extra care when setting up the table to avoid unwanted messes.

  • Wrinkles: The coarse nature of natural burlap can lead to wrinkles and creases, requiring a bit more attention to achieve a polished look.

  • Additional Maintenance: Natural burlap linens are not machine-washable, as they will fall apart if washed this way.

  • Limited colors: Natural burlap usually comes in neutral colors, which might not suit all color palettes or themed events.

Havana Faux Burlap Linens

Our Havana Faux burlap is a synthetic alternative designed to mimic the appearance of natural burlap while offering distinct advantages of its own. Made from 100% polyester, this faux burlap boasts a refined finish, making it a popular choice for both casual and formal occasions. Let's delve into the benefits and considerations of opting for faux burlap tablecloths:


  • Softness: Faux burlap is often softer than natural burlap, making it more comfortable for guests and ideal for events where people may rest their arms on the table.

  • Wrinkle resistance: Unlike natural burlap, faux burlap is less prone to wrinkles, ensuring a smooth and elegant presentation without the need for constant ironing.

  • Easy Maintenance: Faux burlap is easy to care for, as it is machine-washable.

  • Vibrant colors: Faux burlap comes in a wider range of colors (including white, camel, natural, and ivory), allowing you to choose a shade that perfectly complements your theme or branding.


  • Authenticity: While faux burlap closely resembles the appearance of natural burlap, some purists might prefer the genuine texture and rustic appeal of the real thing.

  • Environmental impact: Faux burlap is not biodegradable like its natural counterpart, which might be a concern for environmentally-conscious individuals.

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In the showdown between natural and faux burlap tablecloths, both options bring unique features to the table. Natural burlap exudes an authentic rustic charm and eco-friendliness, making it an excellent choice for specific themes and events. On the other hand, faux burlap offers a refined and wrinkle-resistant alternative with a broader color palette, ideal for occasions where comfort and elegance are top priorities.

Ultimately, the choice between a natural or faux burlap tablecloth will depend on your personal preferences. Whichever option you choose, Premier Table Linens offers a wide range of high-quality tablecloths to elevate your table settings and create lasting impressions on your guests. So, whether you're aiming for a rustic extravaganza or a refined affair, we’ve got you covered with our selection of burlap and faux burlap linens!