Fitted Tablecloths, How to Measure, What You Need To Know and Fitted Tablecloth Options

Before going into how to measure a fitted tablecloth we need to also discuss two completely different products that are both referred to as a fitted tablecloth.

The Traditional Meaning of Fitted Tablecloths

Also called fitted table covers, this product is fitted to the exact size of the table. It is one piece, the top and all 4 sides to cover the entire table to just above the ground. Because it is the top and all 4-sides sewn together (or 3-sides, see options below), it is not only tailored and very elegant, but it will not slide around like a regular table linen can. They are used for trade shows, sales events, meetings and wedding receptions.

There are 2 options available for style. Non pleated or pleated corners. Both are very popular. I personally find the pleated corners gives an even more polished, elegant look.

Additional options are:

3-Sided open back. For when someone will be seated at the table, such as at a trade show or registration booth.

4-Sided with 2 corner back slits. A great option for storing under the table. With the pleated corners, the slits are hidden in the pleated corners but yet the entire back panel can easily be lifted for access underneath the table.

4-Sided with 4 corner slits. Ideal for wedding receptions and dinners so that guest can comfortably slide up their chairs.

How to Measure πŸ“

Since fitted to the measurement of the table it is necessary to know the width, length and height of the table that will be used. It is also important to know if the table has square corners or rounded corners so that it will properly fit.

The Other Meaning of Fitted Tablecloths

An elasticized fitted tablecloth. In other words, a table topper with elastic, which covers the top of the table only and is secured under the tabletop. Also available with pull string. Elastic is a better option as it is a snugger fit.

Fabrics Available For Fitted Tablecloths With Elastic

Available in polyester as well as in damask cotton blends and poly stripe. Vinyl fitted tablecloths with elastic is another option and the vinyl you simply wipe off any spill. Many customers order the poly, damask or poly stripe fitted linens and place a clear vinyl fitted on top. For this last option, order the clear vinyl fitted tablecloth 1” larger than the table size since going on top of a linen.

How to Measure πŸ“

For round tables measure the diameter of the table. For square, rectangular and oval tables, measure the width and length. For round and oval tables, be sure to measure to the widest point. For round and oval tables, the other measurement needed is the thickness of the table. Thickness is not necessary for square and rectangular tables. Due to the shape of square and rectangular tables, it is not possible to make these fitted tablecloths with elastic because the fabric would pucker at the corners. Instead, square and rectangular fitted tablecloths are made with a short 3” drop and stay on the table just as securely.

What Else You Need To Know

For round and ovaltable, This fitted tablecloth is intended to be used on tables that have center pedestal or tables where the legs are at least 2" away from the edge of the table. This is in order for the cloth and elastic to have room to secure under the lip of the table.