Fall Tablecloth Colors - Fabrics, Trends & Sizes

by Tony Cueto September 22, 2022

The autumnal equinox arrived this year September 22nd. After the heat waves the entire country experienced this summer, we are all happy the cooler season has arrived. Already consumers are purchasing their table linens for the fall. I will discuss colors available, fabrics, sizes and trends.

Top Selling Fall Colors

Just like daylight hours become shorter and Mother Nature transitions leaves from their summer green to orange, burnt orange, yellow, deep red, tan and purples, so do we with our décor creating a foliage of colors that also creates a beautiful change, be it for every day dining with pumpkin pie or apple crumble for desert, elegant spookiness or a grand Thanksgiving tablescape for feasting with family and friends

6 Top Selling Fabrics

Poly Premier

The Poly Premier (basic Polyester) is one of our top selling fall tablecloth fabrics due to being the best price point and the wide array of 74 colors. In this fabric, great fall colors include pumpkin, burnt orange, goldenrod, terra cotta, brick, ruby red, tan, toast, oyster, ivory, maize, lemon, toast, camel, cooper, espresso, chocolate, sage and purple. This basic polyester tablecloth does tend to wrinkle compared to the next four fabrics.

Majestic Dupioni

Majestic Dupioni tablecloths are very good quality, a reversible tablecloth, a good price point and available in 37 colors. Autumn colors include; tan, camel, cafe cornsilk, ivory, lemon, goldenrod, acid green, moss, plum, aubergine, chocolate, espresso, orange and burnt orange.


Velvet linens are stunning and stylish. The fabric has become very popular recently. Every year, as fall and winter approach, velvet tablecloth sales soar and with good reason. The plush fabric creates a sense of warmth and welcoming. This collection has the perfect spice, cashmere, taupe, tan, dove, spruce, sunshine, golden, mink and brown fall colors.

Havana Linen Collection

The Havana Linen Collection is excellent quality, full of texture, has a rustic appeal and is practically wrinkle free. 26 Colors available including ivory, camel, natural, chocolate and purple. The camel and natural Havana are the top sellers for Thanksgiving tablecloths.

Panama Faux Linen

The Panama Faux Linen is top of the line. Very similar to the Havana linen but even heavier weight and also wrinkle free. Fall colors are spice, beige, buttercup, mustard, ivory, taupe, brown and plum. These colors sell out every year so order early.

Miranda Damask

If wishing a patten, the Miranda Damask offers a beautiful swirling leaf two-tone pattern is champagne, Dijon, pewter and English rose. The Miranda Damask Bordeaux and the Panama paprika are the top sellers for Christmas tablecloths.


It’s fall y’all, and what is more appropriate than a burlap tablecloth, especially for Thanksgiving? Rustic and organic bring home the southern charm. Add to your tabletop: corn, pumpkins, squash, red and green apples, purple plums and yellow pears to represent the bounty of the harvest and you have the recipe for a beautiful rustic Thanksgiving tablescape. Jute burlap is available in both natural and cream white. The fringe option that we offer (see smaller picture) adds an even more beautiful and rustic appeal.

What is a proper tablecloth drop?

That is completely up to you. It can be anywhere from 6" to 12". A drop less than 6" will look too short. I find 8" to 10" to be an ideal tablecloth length, long enough to look beautiful, not so long that the fabric is on your lap.

TIP - Sit at the table and measure from the top of the table to just above your lap for the perfect drop.

If unsure of the tablecloth you need, please go to this post to understand tablecloth sizing: How To Measure Tablecloths & Standard Tablecloths Sizes

The great news is that regardless of your perfect tablecloth size, we make all size table linens including any custom tablecloth size. If you do not see your size listed, use A.C.T.S. (Any Custom Tablecloth Size) to price and purchase your perfect size.

Fall for dinner napkins

You can select the matching napkin color to your linen or think outside the box. For my fall table décor, when I have guest, I use a different color napkin for each guest. On our website Premier Table Linens we only offer the napkins in a set of 6 or 12 of the same color. However, we have an Etsy shop and in our shop, we have a mix and match napkin listing where you can mix in sets of 2, 3 or 4 in any colors.

Wishing you autumn skies, fabulous fall tablecloths and pumpkin pies!