What You Need to Know About Wedding Aisle Runners

Wedding aisle runners symbolize the path a couple will walk together in their life. We encourage couples to get creative with fabric, color, and pattern to make sure your aisle runner is an integral part of your aesthetic. In this post, we will discuss answers to questions brides often have, and share an in-depth review of what size aisle runner you need for the wedding reception and how to set up the aisle runner, so it stays secure throughout the entire event.

What is a Wedding Aisle Runner?

A wedding aisle runner is laid down in the center aisle of a wedding ceremony. It is a wedding tradition and serves as a decorative element while providing a defined path for the bridal party to walk down during the ceremony. A beautiful aisle runner also adds a regal touch to the ceremony. They are used both indoors as well as for outdoor weddings. Aisle runners come in various materials such as plastic, nylon, polyester, velvet, burlap and carpet. We will discuss questions brides often have, what size you need for the wedding reception, fabric options and setting up the aisle runner.

Wedding Aisle Runner Sizing

The right size aisle runner will depend on a combination of how many guests plan to attend and how many chairs there will be per row. Aisle runners are typically wide enough for two people to walk down the aisle together .

How to Determine Your Aisle Runner Length

1. When shopping for an aisle runner for a wedding, you will need to know what length is needed. Once you have a guest count, you will need to calculate the number of rows you will have. At most ceremonies, the chairs are 36" from each other (The distance from the back of one chair to the back of the chair in front of it is 36").

2. Additionally, add 6 to 8 feet from the 1st row to where the bride and groom will be standing.

3. Also, add at least 2' after the back of the last row.

How Wide Are Aisle Runners

Most wedding aisle runners are available 36", 40", 48" and 60" wide.

• 36" Is sufficient for two people to walk down the aisle.

• 48" Is ideal for larger venues and also for when the wedding party walks down the aisle side by side.

• 60" Wide is recommended for large weddings or large wedding spaces.

• Be sure to leave space between the runner and the chairs.

What Color is Best for a Wedding Aisle Runner

White is the most popular color used for a wedding aisle runner. However, many brides choose their runner in their wedding color. For this reason, we offer 150 colors to choose from. If you do decide on any other color than white, it is highly recommended to request color samples. Color representation online can vary from one monitor to another and from the true color. With samples, you can find your perfect color or take it with you to your venue to see how the color looks with indoor or outdoor lighting.

Best Wedding Aisle Runners Fabrics

Aisle runners come in various materials and fabric options such as plastic, nylon, polyester, velvet, burlap, and carpet. Let’s review some of the important aspects to consider when choosing from each of these materials.

Nylon - Often with a glitter finish, are inexpensive but tends to be slippery. These runners fall short in terms of elegance and aesthetic appeal.

couple walking down a burlap aisle runner for an outdoor wedding ceremony

Burlap offers a rustic touch to wedding ceremonies. The burlap aisle runner is not only a great choice for bohemian, country chic and rustic weddings but for outdoor weddings. Burlap's natural texture and earthy appearance add depth and character to the aisle. The burlap that Premier Table Linens uses comes from a U.S. mill and it is selected for its excellent quality and tight weave. With burlap being a coarse fabric, it does not slide.

Available in natural or white in both 40” or 60” wide. Many couples use the white burlap for weddings that are not rustic or country. In addition, we can print names and wedding dates as well as sayings on the burlap aisle runners.

Polyester - If a woven polyester and at least 200 G.S.M. (Grams Per Square Meter weight) this is an ideal and budget-friendly option. The fabric weight is very important. Most of the aisle runners Amazon and other online platforms are selling are very thin, 50 to 100 G.S.M. With a 200 GSM weight, the aisle runner will have weight and most importantly, not rip.

We offer two woven polyester aisle runner fabrics.

Poly Premier, 200 G.S.M. is the best price point, very good quality and there are 74 colors to choose from. Aisle Runner Poly Premier.

Spun Poly is an even nicer quality, 245 G.S.M. and 59 color choices are available. Aisle Runner Spun Poly

Velvet - A Velvet aisle runner is an excellent choice for weddings. Velvet exudes luxury and sophistication, instantly elevating the ambiance of any wedding ceremony. Its plush texture and rich appearance add a sense of opulence and elegance. 23 Colors to choose from.

Carpet - Due to many requests, we now manufacture carpet wedding aisle runner. This takes the ceremony aisle runner to another level of elegance. Low pile, plush, with formal binding sewn along the edges. Carpet runners are expensive but if in your budget, very worthwhile.

Since the aisle runner is extremely durable, many couples, after their wedding, will resell the carpet aisle runner and recoup half of the cost.

How to Secure an Aisle Runner on Different Surfaces

Securing an aisle runner serves two purposes. It not only keeps it in place, but keeps it stretched out and looking pristine. Here are recommendations based on our 14 years of experience:

• Hardwood Floor - Use double-sided floor tape along all 4-sides sides and intermittently in the middle. Check with the venue 1st to see if they allow tape to be used. Respecting their guidelines ensures a harmonious collaboration and preserves the integrity of the venue's space.

• Concrete and Stairs - Use heavy objects like votives with lights, weighted-metal candle holder stands, decorative stones, small weights, or even floral arrangements to secure the edges.

• Carpet Floor - Most couples do not secure their aisle runner over carpet as it is a very safe surface for an aisle runner. The runner will bunch up some but that is to be expected. The only way to prevent this is to either use a carpet aisle runner which will lay flat or to use many pins to secure any other fabric runner over carpet.

• Outdoor weddings - Tent pegs or even garden stakes work well as an anchor on soil and sand. Another option is to use small votives with lights, weighted-metal candle holder stands, decorative stones, colored pouches with sand inside or other decorations along the edge. Another option, for the best appearance and for the runner to lay completely flat is to staple the runner to the underside of strips of plywood.

• Beach Wedding - If the ceremony is at the beach, first smooth out the sand as much as possible. Use heavy objects such as driftwood, rock or potted plants to anchor the edges. Otherwise, dig shallow trenches alongside the runner and bury the edges in the sand in case there is wind. The best option for beach weddings is to use plywood under the runner for stability and in case it is a windy day.

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