Checkered vinyl tablecloth at an italian restaurant
Checkered inyl tablecloths at a seafood restaurant on the ocean
Vinyl tablecloth with flannel backing at a restaurant
red white checkered vinyl tablecloths in a beautiful Italian restaurant
red white checkered vinyl tablecloth with flannel backing at a restaurant
Restaurant quality vinyl tablecloth
Rectangular Checkered Vinyl Tablecloth with Flannel Back ing at a restaurant on the water
oil tablecloth at a restaurant
Restanurant tablecloths vinyl, red white checkered Gingham pattern
Rectangular Checkered Vinyl Tablecloth, Flannel Back - Premier Table Linens - PTL
Checkered vinyl tablecloth with flannel backing at the beach
Vinyl tablecloth in a home dining room with flowers on the table.
Blue checkered vinyl tablecloth
red checkered tablecloth vinyl at a restaurant
Rectangularred  Checkered Vinyl Tablecloth
Blue checkered vinyl tablecloth
Rectangular Checkered Vinyl Tablecloth, Flannel Backing outdoors
red checkered vinyl tablecloth at a restaurant
checkered vinyl tablecloth
Checkered vinyl tablecloth with flannel backing
Checkered vinyl tablecloth with flannel backing set for dinner
Flannel backed vinyl tablecloth
Checkered flannel backed vinyl tablecloth

Rectangular Checkered Vinyl Tablecloth

 Flannel Backed Vinyl Tablecloth
  • 7 Gingham checkered vinyl tablecloth colors.
  • Restaurant quality vinyl for restaurants & home use.
  • 6.0 Gauge, commercial grade, durable.
  • Spill proof, clean, disinfect simply by wiping off!
  • Flannel backing protects table from scratched and heat.
  • Any quantity manufactured in only 2 to 3 days.
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These are not Dinner Napkins. Dinner Napkins are 17" x 17" or 20" x 20". Do you wish to proceed?

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Checkered Vinyl Tablecloth With Flannel backing

We manufacture commercial grade, heavy-duty 6.0 gauge flannel backed vinyl tablecloths.  Easy to clean and disinfect vinyl tablecloth. Simply wipe clean this spill proof tablecloth with soapy water or a mild disinfectant.  Our vinyl tablecloth with flannel backing not only ensures durability and a non-slip design but protects your table as well! In addition to manufacturing for restaurants, events, and home use,  we also offer vinyl outdoor tablecloths with umbrella hole for outdoor use. 


Available in 8 checkered vinyl tableclothcolors and in our other listing, 33 solid colors. Color samples are available for only .50 each so consumers can receive samples of the colors they are considering and find their perfect color(s). 


We take great pride in not only the excellent quality of our vinyl tablecloths but the quality with which we make them. Edges are finished with a professional overlock stitch.

Please note that the fabric is 54" wide. Size larger than 54" wide will be constructed with a side panel on each side.


Sizes listed are table cloth sizes, not table sizes. With vinyl, we recommend approximately a 6 inch drop. Be sure to add the desired drop twice to the table width and twice to the length. For example, if the table is 30" x 72", a 42" x 84" vinyl tablecloth size will give a 6" drop. All sizes are available and any custom tablecloth size can be made as well. If your perfect size is not listed, select the closest size up listed in the product sizes and then in the note section, let us know what size to make your vinyl table cover.


On this listing, we have also added beautiful, practical 2-ply vinyl placemats which are very popular. Many customers use them in a different color to their vinyl tablecloths or when not using their cloth, use the vinyl placemats on the table.


In addition to the standard shipping box method, we also offer the option to ship on a roll to prevent creases and wrinkles. If you choose not to upgrade to shipping rolled on a tube, once received, using a hair dryer or placing the vinyl outdoors on a sunny day will relax the fabric and the creases will come out.


Production time is 2 business days. We offer both standard and expedited shipping nationwide.


Care and cleaning instructions 

Vinyl should never be machine washed and there is no reason to need to do so. Use a paper towel or damp cloth and wipe off any spills with soap and warm water. It is very important to do so as soon as the spill occurs. Otherwise, it can stain your vinyl table cover. Use a medium bristle brush if necessary to remove soiling agents embedded in the surface. If using an all-purpose cleaning, or disinfecting spray, test in an inconspicuous spot before using. Also, be sure that the cleaner does not contain more than 10% bleach. 

Do not use alcohol-based cleaners. 

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We are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Saturday.