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How to measure tablecloths & Premier's Tablecloth Calculator

How To Measure Tablecloths

Consider this here guide to independently determine an appropriate tablecloth size for your surface.

What is the size and shape of your tablecloth? Measure the length & width for square, oblong or oval tables. For a round table, measure the diameter.

Don't forget to account for any leaves or extensions your table may have when measuring, as it is common for tables to be extended while entertaining.

What length drop do you want?

"Drop" refers to the length of fabric extending beyond the edge of the table (with the tablecloth centered atop it), usually hanging about 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30cm) below the table top. A lengthier drop is typically employed in order to achieve a more formal look.

Select Your Tablecloth Size

Taking the drop dimension into account, calculate the respective length and width for your tablecloth as follows: surface dimension + drop length * 2.

For extra wide tables, oversized tablecloths will be 70 inches (178cm) wide and are be available in certain styles.

Oblong cloths can well fit oval tables.

Below are provided common tablecloth & table skirt size suggestions, and to try out our handy online tablecloth calculator.

Square, rectangular or oval tablecloths

Width Length Drop Your Size Is:

Round Tablecloths

Diameter Drop Your Size Is:

Suggested Skirting Sizes
Skirt Length Table Sizes
14’ 48”
6’ x 30”
8’ x 30”
17’ 60”
6’ x 30”
(2) 6’ x 30”
21’ 72”
8’ x 30”
(2) 8’ x 30”
Blueviolet border illustrates drop layout.

Most Common Tablecloth & Table Skirting Sizes

Round Tablecloth Sizes

Table Sizes Dining Length Floor Length
Drop (12") Drop (29")
30” R 54” R 90” R
36” R 60” R 96” R
48” R 72” R 108” R
60” R 84” R 120” R
72” R 96” R 132” R

Table Skirting Sizes

Table Sizes 3 Sides Full Coverage
6 ft. Banquet 11 ft. 17 ft.
8 ft. Banquet 14 ft. 21 ft.
36” R N/A 10 ft.
48” R N/A 14 ft.
60” R N/A 17 ft.

Square Tablecloth Sizes

Table Sizes Dining Length Floor Length
Drop (12") Drop (29")
48” x 48” sq. 72” x 72” sq. 108” x 108” round corners
60” x 60” sq. 84” x 84” sq. 120” x 120” round corners
72” x 72” sq. 96” x 96” sq. 132” x 132” round corners

Oblong Tablecloth Sizes

Table Sizes Dining Length Floor Length
Drop (12") Drop (29")
6 ft. Banquet 60” x 120” 90” x 132” round corners
8 ft. Banquet 60” x 120” 90” x 156” round corners