Logo Design, Vector Conversion and Print Ready Files


Are you interested in a custom printed tablecloth but do not have any artwork? Or perhaps you do not have a “print ready ”artfile” in Vector format? We are here to assist with our well trained, well versed graphic design team.

Graphic & Logo Design

Are you needing a custom printed tablecloth to brand your company but do not have a design yet? Perhaps you know exactly how you want it to look, you just did not have access to a graphic designer before. Or you need suggestions to come up with a design? Either way, we will be glad to design or come up with a design for you. The Graphic Design fee for this service is a bargain for $79.99 and includes 2 hours of work. This fee includes Email or phone consultation, an initial design creation and up to 2 revisions. If it takes more than 2 revisions then there will be a $19 per hour fee billed in 15-minute increments. Our creative, professional Graphic Designers will create a completely one-of-a-kind graphic for your project. It will be based on the ideas and information that you provide us. Soon after you submit this form, you will be contacted by a Graphic Designer who will begin the design process with you. Once you complete the on-line information form and talk to our Graphic Designer you will receive your initial mock-up within 48 hours. Once you approve the final version, you will receive your art file in Vector format. The complete process from start to finish usually takes 2-3 business days so be sure to include this time in your schedule for when you need the order.

UPDATE June 1, 2018

We are often asked how much the average logo design we create cost. I pulled all the logo conversion tickets since we launched this service in January and have the following results:

187 Logos designed

171 Completed in the 2 hours, no extra cost, $79.99

11 Completed in 2.5 hours, total cost $89.49

4 Completed in 3 hours, total cost $98.99

1 Completed in 4 hours, total cost $117.99

A logo is to a business as important as putting a face to a name. It is the way your business will be recognized. Not only can a well-designed logo establish your business identity, it also serves as a salient marketing tool. Most people recognize brands by the visual branding, that is the logo of the company. Let the branding begin as consumers approach your booth, be it at a trade show, market, fair, festival, convention or any special event with a custom printed logo on your tablecloth or table runner so your logo is seen even before they arrive at your booth. The custom printed tablecloth or custom printed table runner will not only build your brand but your image as well. Take a moment and think if you are walking a trade show or market and you see a vendor set up next to another vendor with the same products. The only difference is one has a very nicely designed custom printed tablecloth and the other does not. Which one would you go to? I know I would choose to visit the one that looks the most professional. The one that went the extra mile. A custom logo in addition to building the image of a business and all the marketing benefits will make your display more professional, polished.

Logo tablecloths and taglines

At Premier Table Linens our tagline is “We’ve got you covered™”. When I set up at shows, our printed tablecloth with our logo and tagline gives us instant recognition to those in the industry that know our business. To someone that does not know us, our tag line on our custom printed tablecloth is cute, catchy and sums up what we do. We custom print logo tablecloths. Creating a logo that is unique, easily recognized, and made highly visible will inspire brand recognition and loyalty in consumers. Your business logo and tagline can be the best marketing tools because you can form associations between the products/services you offer and the visible logo that people will come to get to know you by.

If you already have a logo design, we hope you will consider our custom printed tablecloths or display your custom logo on our table runners. If you do not, our professional logo design manager A.J. and his team are creative, experienced and will assist with your design layout or in creating a logo design. Not just for your custom printed tablecloth but you can use the Vector art file for any other promotional marketing material you may wish to do. 

Artfile Vector Conversion $29.95 completed in 24 hours or $39.95 for 2 hour Turnaround service!

If your current artwork needs vectoring so it can be used for high-resolution printing purposes, we will provide this service to you. We will convert your existing logo into the correct vectored format for printing to ensure perfect clarity on your finished product for you. Our art department will not only vector your image or logo for you but will also upon completion of your image send you a zipped file with the following image types Ai, Jpeg, BMP, PNG, PDF, and SVG for you to have and use in the future for any type of web based or print deployment needs you may ever have. During business hours the turnaround for Vector service is 24 hours or within 2 hours, if you select the express service for $10. more. While most of our competitors are only promotional product distributors and outsource the Vector formatting to China, we are a full-service printer specializing in printed table linens and have an in house graphic design team. Please note this service is only for Vector service and does not include adding text, etc. If you would like to make any changes to your art file prior to Vector Conversion, that is done with the "Need Help With Artfile" program which only cost an additional $10 and includes graphic changes and or additions as well as the Vector Conversion service.

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