Vinyl Tablecloth Wrinkles and Creases

The top two questions we are asked about vinyl tablecloth care is how to get wrinkles out of vinyl tablecloth and how to remove creases from a vinyl tablecloth.

There are 3 ways to accomplish eliminating creases or wrinkles from vinyl. For any of these methods, be sure you table cover is clean and set it on a table, flat surface or countertop.

Blow Dryer

Set the blow dryer on medium heat and hold it 2” to 4” away from the vinyl table cover table cover or clear vinyl table protector. Move in a circular motion over the wrinkled area or up and down over the crease. Be patient as this method will take some time to relax the fabric and release the wrinkle. 


If you have a vinyl tablecloth with felt backing, ironing on low heat works very well and much quicker than blow drying. Turn the vinyl table cloth over and iron on the felt back side only. Do not us the steam, only dry heat. Do not use this method for clear vinyl table protector. 

Natural Sunlight

On a sunny day, set your vinyl outside on a flat surface in direct sunlight for a few hours to relax the fabric and remove wrinkles. 

As tempting as it may be, do not try using a cloth dryer as this will only create more wrinkles. 

How to store after use

To prevent fold creases, instead of folding your tablecloth, store it rolled up.