Velvet Curtains

beautiful blush velvet curtains with white sheer curtains behind them, in a bedroom with hardwood floor

Velvet curtains are stylish and for good reason. Velvet is the epitome of luxury. Velvet drapes will transform and uplift your home, bedroom or office, adding warmth and a rich, plush finish while also providing privacy, blackout and noise reduction.

How to Measure for Velvet Curtains

So you love the idea of plush velvet curtains but are unsure how to measure curtains with top rod pocket or grommets?

It’s easy following these simple steps!

Velvet Curtains – Quantity of Fabric Needed

On most curtains and window treatments, it takes two to three times more fabric to provide the proper fullness in appearance when the velvet curtains are hanging on the rod than the actual window size.

How To Determine The Width

Measure the length of the rod from left to right. A common rule of thumb for velvet drapes properly is that the curtains finished width should be at the very least, twice the width of the window (if not more) to achieve the plush, proper fullness.

For example: If the window measures 32" wide, 32” (window width x 2 = 72"), you need two curtains that will give a minimum total width of 72".

Velvet window curtains are available in 36”, 60” and 72” widths.

In this case, two 40” velvet panels will be perfect coverage.

Common Window Curtain Fullness Multipliers:

Standard fullness multiply by 2

Plush fullness multiply 2.5

Ultra fullness multiply by 3

Measuring For Your Curtain Length

Measure the length (height) of the window or area you are covering from top to bottom. Traditionally, you want the curtains either to come below the sill or just above the floor. Floor-length curtains typically hang about 1” above the floor. However, especially with velvet, many consumers like their window curtains with a slight puddle on the ground. If wishing to create the puddle effect, add 6” to 12” extra inches to the length. It is your personal preference. 

Helpful hint: Once received, by moving the curtain rod up or down a bit if necessary, you can adjust the height of the curtains at your window.

dark blue velvet curtains in a living room
light blue velvet curtains with a beautiful puddle effect on the wood floor

Rod Size

Curtain panels to be hung on a rod, either by sliding the entire panels through the rod inside the top rod pocket or sliding the rod through the grommets. The industry standard rod pocket size or grommet size will accommodate any size rod up to and including 3”. Measure the thickness of your rod. We have seen some rods in the market that are 4”. If yours are the very large 4” type, contact the drapery company you are purchasing from to be sure they can make your drapes to fit a 4” rod.

curtain rod and a ocean blue vevet curtain with grommets

Stretch vs Non-Stretch Velvet

Good quality velvet is always non-stretch and contains the longest pile which makes it a much nicer, glamorous fabric and heavier weight. The non-stretch Polyester velvet has a very long pile and is extremely soft and plush and for this reason, highly recommended for window treatment drapes. On the other hand, the real name for the stretch fabric is velveteen or crushed velvet, and it is nowhere as nice a fabric. Its pile are shorter which results in it not draping well. Unfortunately, some companies that import this cheap fabric are marketing it as stretch velvet instead of what it really is.

True velvet curtains will cost more but think of it as an investment in the look and style you are achieving.

Single-Sided Velvet Curtains

Regular, single-sided offer 40% to 60% blackout. Not total blackout, but enough to provide absolute privacy and a comfortable, dark sleep environment. Some manufacturers also offer double-sided velvet curtains which provide complete blackout. The curtains in my bedroom (pictured below) are single-sided and it provides all the blackout I need to comfortably sleep.

blush velvet curtains hanging in a bedroom

Double-Sided Velvet Curtains

 Double-sided velvet curtains are used more as partitions or room dividers. Also, consumers wanting complete blackout opt for the double sided curtains.

double sided velvet curtains serving as partition at a spa


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