Trash Can Cover Options

A trash can cover completely transforms the look the look of unsightly garbage cans. Very popular at wedding receptions, special events, formal affairs and corporate functions.

They are available in spandex which provides a sleek, sculped appearance. As well as the heavier weight polyester garbage can cover. For weddings, another popular choice is the trash can skirt which like a table skirt, it is very elegant.

Another option is logo trash can covers. Available in both polyester and spandex, this is a great branding opportunity for conventions, marketing events and even festivals to promote the sponsors.

Schools and stadiums also use custom printed trash can covers for recycling.

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What You Need To Know?

1st is the size. Standard trash can sizes are 23, 32, 44 or 55 gallons.

The dimension of the bins without wheels are as follows:

23 Gallon – 11” x 22” x 30” height.

32 Gallon - 22.5" x 25" x 29"

44 Gallon - 24" x 28.5" x 31.5

55 Gallon - 30" x 26.5" x 33"

Keep in mind that depending on the manufacturer, these dimensions may vary. With the spandex cover, as long as the dimensions are within 2”, the cover will fit.

Do the cans have wheels or wheel coasters? If so, the product is manufactured with elastic on the bottom to go over the wheels and coaster. Many customers choose this option even if their cans do not have wheels as the cover will be secured underneath with elastic. 

Washing Instructions:

Both Polyester and spandex are machine washable. For spandex it is important to use an oxygen based laundry detergent such as OxiClean ™

to prevent the material from fading. Do not overheat either fabric in the dryer.