Fabrics and Considerations For Stage Skirting

Choosing the right stage skirt fabric is essential for creating a professional and polished look for any special event. A stage skirt not only hides the structural elements of the stage but also adds elegance to the overall setting. In this article, we'll explore various fabrics used in stage skirts and the considerations to keep in mind when purchasing this product.

Durability and maintenance are two critical factors. The fabric must be able to withstand frequent use and still look new. The fabric should also be wrinkle resistant, machine washable and durable.

Be sure when purchasing that the product does not state “cut bottom” or “hot knife” bottom which indicates the bottom is not hemmed. This will cause unraveling after just a few washes.

Good quality synthetic blends require less care and can be easily cleaned, ensuring the stage skirting looks pristine at every use.


Velour is a plush, knit fabric with a soft, velvety feel that adds a luxurious touch. It is often used in theatres and performing arts centers for its elegant appearance and sound-absorbing qualities. However, velour can be more challenging to maintain and is not as durable as polyester and much more expensive

samples of velour fabric of different colors
a piece of light blue cotton fabric with a cotton boll on it


Cotton is a natural fiber that provides a crisp and classic textured look. It is breathable and offers a matte finish. It is not recommended for stages because is wrinkles and easily absorbs stain. See the Spun Poly option below for a great alternative.

Poly Knit

Some companies offer Poly Knit which we do not recommend. It has a shiny finish that make it appear cheap and even more importantly, the poly knit is very thin, only 4.2 oz. Stage skirting needs to be 6 oz material weight so that it is not see through and so it drapes properly.

poly knit skirt in light gold color


The best material is a good-quality polyester that has a matte finish. Polyester does not shrink, it is wrinkle resistant and stains are much easier to remove than a cotton blend which absorbs the stains into the fabric. Polyester is also very durable where cotton or commando fabrics are not.

Premier Table Linens manufactures stage skirts in the Poly Premier, a 6 oz polyester fabric which is matte and has a hemmed finish. Available in black as well as 72 additional colors. Poly Premier is also a flame retardant fabric which is an important consideration for trade shows. In Black, we also offer the inherently fire retardant with certificate and I.F.R. tag.

In addition, we also offer the Spun Poly which is 7.5 oz polyester fabric, with the look of a textured cotton blend. The Spun Poly also has a hemmed finish. Unlike cotton, this high-end polyester fabric is extremely wrinkle resistant as well as a soil-release fabric. All of our skirting comes with the loop side fastener, 2” sewn along the entire top back.

By taking into account the fabric types available, the pros and cons, durability, maintenance, and fire safety requirements of many venues, you can select the ideal stage skirt. With the right stage skirting, you can enhance the professional appearance of your platform and ensure it stands out at any event, for many years to come.