7 Tablecloth Ideas For Outdoor Summer Events

We love being outside especially when we can be with other people! Outdoor summer events are a time to enjoy friends and family with a splash of style that allows you’re own creativity to flow. Whether you just want to gather friends around the table or are throwing a party to celebrate the one you love there are tablecloths that are just perfectly fit for your decor theme.

Dinner Party For Six

Dinner parties are a great way of gathering friends and family around the dinner table and what we love about it is that it adds that extra touch that makes everyone feel special. When setting up for your dinner party you can enhance your space by hanging lights over your table space along with mixing different candle pieces along a table runner. A velvet tablecloth creates a great foundation for decor pieces to become the center of attention. We especially love the farmhouse tables laid with a velvet table runner and vintage table pieces but we always encourage you to make it your own and have fun! A simple table runner in any color, print, or fabric will surely be a hit.

Special occasions tablecloth

The Night Before The Big Day

If you have organized a wedding or have been in one, you know the week leading to the wedding is busy. As busy as it may be, everyone loves the day before when the wedding party gathers to practice for the big day. It's time for close friends and family of the bride and groom to spend time with one another in a more intimate setting. Since it’s summer it’s common to have weddings outside and we think the reception the night before the big day shouldn't be any different. A white rectangular tablecloth with a burlap and lace table runner decorated with fresh flowers is a simple way to enhance the space for a wedding reception.

Looks Who’s Having A Baby

Not everyone wants to know beforehand what they are having and that's okay because there are a lot of color options to choose from when it comes to tablecloths and accent pieces. When we think of newly born infants we can't help but think of how precious and tiny these little ones are which is why organza overlays come to mind. Organza is a delicate fabric choice that makes a nice option for outdoor baby showers as they come in a variety of colors including the traditional colors of pink and blue. Simply place them over a white linen tablecloth and your guests will know exactly what they are celebrating.

A Tea Party Fit For Alice

The iconic Alice in Wonderland is filled with popular quotes from their tea party scene and we imagine that your guests will be filled with memorable conversation when they join you for tea too. A square poly check tablecloth is the perfect way to incorporate neutral colors with a fun print that will look great with a simple tray of tea for two or a larger party. This fun print makes a great piece for the outdoors especially in red and white for an outdoor picnic theme setting. We think with the variety of colors to choose from you can make just about any outdoor sitting area feel like summer.

Every Day Should Feel Like Your Birthday

If you have a summer birthday you know that there are many activities to keep you busy outside but sometimes it’s just too hot to be outdoors. Luckily, there is a wide variety of tablecloths to choose from and many of them go well with bringing the outdoors inside. This sequin tablecloth in blush brings elegance to your birthday party and can be decorated with a matching palate of fresh summer flowers that makes you feel as if you are outside. You may not want to have a birthday party every day but you certainly deserve to be celebrated and this fabric choice definitely speaks of a celebration.

Making A Splash

Everyone loves a pool party and a summer shouldn’t be without one but we also know how everything can end up very wet which makes vinyl tablecloths the perfect go-to when it comes to outdoor summer pool parties. Whether it's for a round, rectangular, or square table we have you covered at Premier Table Linens and we even have round vinyl tablecloths with the option for an umbrella hole allowing your table to be shaded in sunny weather. So sit back and cool off while you make a splash at your next summer pool party!

A Send-Off To Remember

When it comes to summer there's always a bucket list of things to do but for some people, it's more about looking forward to the following season when they will be headed off to college. It’s also a time when parents are preparing to say their goodbyes, even if it's just temporarily. Understandably, emotions can be running high during this time which is why we think it's worth making it a memory to remember. Custom printed tablecloths and table runners can meet the needs of any celebration in multiple fabric choices and colors

Birthday party logo printed tablecloth Moana theme

Birthday party logo printed tablecloth Moana theme 2

Birthday party logo printed tablecloth Moana theme 3

Birthday party logo printed tablecloth Moana theme 4

Whatever you are celebrating we are sure your table decor will be memorable and we’re just glad to be a part of it.