Custom Printed Trash Can Covers

custom printed trash can covers

Literally turn trash into a beautiful branding opportunity with our custom printed trash can covers. Ideal for schools, trade shows, special events, stadiums, grand openings, food sampling booths, music festivals, street fairs, golf tournaments and sporting events. So many practical marketing uses with our logo trash can covers. Pictured is our customer, Johnson & Johnson using them for a product sample event.

spandex trash can cover with logo johnson and johnson

Blend the logo garbage can covers in or stand them out as impressive, attention-grabbing advertisement or marketing opportunity. Either way, Premier’s custom logo print department will help you brand your school, company or event. Small details like this go a long way. We even have brides that purchase our trash can covers for their wedding reception without a logo, only printed to their wedding colors.

Libraries use our spandex trash can covers to denote the 55-gallon bins are for book returns. The Salvation Army has used bin wraps for donation drop offs at stores.

trash can with a logo natural juice
trash can with a logo Mirage
custom printed trash can cover
trash can with a logo Returns Public Library

Schools and stadiums use custom printed trash can covers to promote school pride, special events, sponsors and for recycling.

trash can with a logo North Fairview Falcons
trash can with a logo Nebraska
logo trash can cover
garbage can with logo

Fabrics & Trash Can Cover Options

trash can cover options in spandex and poly

Trash Can Covers Available in 23 Gallon Slim Jim, 32 Gallon, 44 Gallon and 55 Gallon.

Available in polyester or stretch spandex. Polyester fabric, being a linen does cover the garbage cans wavy just like a tablecloth does on a table. On the other hand, the stretch spandex trash can covers hugs the bin and fits snugly. In addition, spandex is wrinkle free. Any wrinkles stretch right out. For these reasons the polyester is mainly used by brides that do not need a logo, only to match to their wedding colors. Also used in the hospitality industry where resorts can match the cans to conference room decoration designs. The spandex fabric is used for logos.

Made for both cans without wheels where the cover will have a closed bottom or for trash cans with wheels we finish the open bottom with elastic so that the wrap can slide over the wheels or wheels and coaster. The product will give you the option to select.

Print Method & Printing

We utilize the best, most vibrant print method which is known as full dye-sublimation in which the ink is married into the fabric. With this method, there is never any cracking and the product is very durable. The print is all over. You have the entire cover to print with no limitations. Print full color logo, design, photographic images and 1000’s of colors. Your imagination is the only limitation.

55 gallon printed trash can