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Rectangular Spandex Screen / Backdrop with 4 Attachment Points

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Rectangular Spandex Screen / Backdrop with 4 Attachment Points

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Availability: In stock.

Regular Price: $70.22

Special Price: $63.84

Quick Overview

    Rectangular Spandex Hanging Sails
  • Rectangular Backdrop, Panels with 4 points.
  • Sizes from 48" x 60" to 144" x 216".
  • Available in 20 Lycra┬« Spandex colors.
  • White seamless up to 120", other colors 84".
  • All colors in stock large quantities.
  • True 4-way stretch fabric, not 2 way like many.
  • Best quality stage Spandex, ceiling decor.
  • Durable, high performance stretch.
  • Sizes listed are stretch to sizes.
  • 110% Best Price Match guarantee.

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Regular Price: $70.22

Special Price: $63.84

Product Description

Spandex Colors

Click on any color to view close up, then scroll through all the colors using arrows.

Spandex Screen / Backdrop  60" x 120" with 4 Attachment Points

- Create beautiful stage/ceiling treatments.
- Looks stunning with stage lighting.
- Bright white for great lighting effects.
- Two-ply hemmed borders for strength.
- Standard webbing/grommet corners.
- Seamless up to 60 inches.
- Will stretch to the size listed.
- Can stretch more or less +/- 10% if desired.
- Easy to care for, washable, & wrinkle-free.

How to care for your spandex shapes
Hanging:Our spandex shapes and screens have elasticized hanging points that will provide an easy grip during setup. They’re also double-sewn onto each edge for durability and security once they’re in place. Ensure that hands are thoroughly cleaned, or covered with nitrile gloves, to prevent natural oils from transferring to your spandex panels. Once you’re prepared we recommend using a clean tarp, painter’s plastic, or an alternate clean and smooth surface, to lay out larger shapes to keep them clean if it touches the ground during the hanging process.

Cleaning:Our spandex stretch shapes can be machine washed in cool water with Oxi Clean or any gentle, bleach-free detergent. High heat and extended exposure to heat can have negative effects on the shape, take care to tumble dry on the lowest heat setting in your dryer (keep in mind your shape will dry fairly quickly). You’ll want to remove them from the dryer as quickly as possible to avoid wrinkles from setting in.  Small stains can be removed easily with a damp cloth and small amount of clear soap, pat dry after spot cleaning to avoid any possible discoloration. They can also be hand washed using luke-warm water and Oxi Clean, and air-dried on a flat clean surface. DO NOT: Dry clean, use bleach, or use an iron or any high heat products.

Storing:Spandex stretch shapes are very easy to store as they can fold down to a small size, and have the bonus of being wrinkle-resistant and anti-microbial. Ensure all hardware and mounting materials (hooks, lines, strings, etc.) are removed from hanging points before folding as normal. Store shapes in smooth, sealed bag to keep dry and prevent fabric snagging. We offer clear vinyl carry bags to ensure your spandex stays completely dry and clean during travel or long-term storage, a synthetic fabric bag can also be used.  Rolling your shapes snugly onto a polished cardboard tube can eliminate any possibility of wrinkling during short-term storage.

How to Guide
Shade sails can be used as a design element, with or without lighting effects, in any special occasion and indoor/outdoor events.
3-Way Stretch Triangle Sails can be placed overlapping each other either overhead, or in any open space between beams, to create beautiful geometric conversation pieces.
3-Way Stretch Tall Triangle Sails are longer in length and can be used in the same designs as a regular length sails. They can also be installed against a wall, stretched from ceiling to floor, in a banquet hall or any room to customize or add color to a wall. Sails are available in 20 different colors so they can be matched to your linens and napkins to keep in line with your event’s color scheme.
Square and Rectangular Spandex Sails can be hung overhead to provide shade to guest seating areas at outdoor events. They can also be installed
4-Point/6-Point Projection Screens can be hung in your home or backyard to create a unique and wrinkle-free movie screen using a video projector for an outdoor movie experience or indoor home theater. They can also be used to project a sentimental video at a Bridal reception, Sweet 16/ Quinceañera, Baby Shower, or any special event.
Spandex Stretch Any-Way, Any-Shape panels are best used to cover large spaces either as a design element, or functional use of providing shade. They can also be installed onto wooden or plastic pipes to either create one large multi-color, multi-sail panel, or anchor the pipes in the ground to create a colorful walkway or entryway.
We’ll specify a few of the most popular setups and designs below, however you’ll want to follow us on Pinterest for even more designs and instructions for unique stretch shape designs.

Hanging your Sails:

Temporary Install:Screw-in Cup/Open-Eye Hooks
Ensure hands are covered with gloves! First, you’ll map out where you want your edges to fall in your design and simply pencil mark each area. If you have a few people to help, have them stretch each edge to the desired spot and pencil mark that spot. Simply screw in the hooks and attach each elastic loop mount located on the edges to those hooks and you’re all set! 

Permanent setup:

Invisible test line (Mono Filament Line) OR Metal Turnbuckle (Hook-Hook)
Marine Grade Pad Eye
Heavy Duty Snap Hook or Carabiner
Ensure hands are covered with gloves! After mapping out exactly where you want your edges to fall in your design, have 3-4 people help stretch out your sail to full-tension and pencil mark the spot (Mark 1). If you won’t have help, it’s worth using screw-in cup hooks to temporarily hold each edge in place. The edges will ultimately be attached to the turnbuckle for long-term adjusting, so you’ll unscrew the turnbuckle to half its length and then place it horizontally next to the full tension mark, leave a mark at the opposite edge of the hook (Mark 2). There should now be 2 pencil marks: one next to each side your turnbuckle hooks.
Install your metal pads at Mark 2 and hang a turnbuckle on each pad once finished. Now you’ll attach a snap hook to each elastic mounting loop on your sail, and then simply attach each snap hook to their corresponding turnbuckle and you’re set!
If your sail is drooping in the center then you’ll want to unhook the elastic loop from the turnbuckle, and then turn the buckle clockwise to shorten it and create more tension. If you see distracting lines throughout the panel, then you’ll want to turn the buckles counterclockwise to loosen up the tension as needed.

Lighting your Sails:Once your panels are installed in place, you can use either of the recommended LED lights below to take your event to the next level. You can choose sails in either of our 20 colors and illuminate them with a simple white LED light to make them pop. For more creative illusions, it’s a good idea to choose white shapes so the color scheme can be controlled completely by your LED lights and changed at any time or for any event.

The most common light placement will be stationed on the ground, one behind each panel, or one in the center of an overlapping panel design. Most affordable non-rotating lights will not have a beam angle wide enough to span the entire width of a multi-sail panel design, so we recommend investing in more than one in order to cast an even light over the surface of your sails. PAR and rotating lights are an exception as the design can move across the panels and cover the span evenly.
Correct placement of the lights is fairly simple: you’ll want to ensure you have at least 5 feet of space behind your panels to move the light back and forth to find the perfect distance. If you’re working with a small amount of space you can angle the panels slightly towards the audience, and tilt your light upwards at a range of 60-80 degrees in order to allow illumination to show from bottom to top. The light effects may be sharp at the bottom and cast a large, soft illusion to the top of the shape.

Tilting the shape towards the light will allow the illusion to be concentrated towards the center-bottom of the shape only. Play with the distance and tilt, of both the light and the panel, to achieve the desired illusion you’re looking for. Be sure to bring Gaffer’s tape to keep any floor lights in place.

Video projectors used on our spandex backdrops can be placed either in front or behind, the screen although we do recommend keeping the projector level with the center of the backdrop.

Recommended LED Lights:
LED Strip Wash Lights typically have one straight row displaying 2-4 different colors simultaneously. Higher-priced options will have a higher light output and the ability to customize lighting and strobing effects, while lower priced options will provide a static display of 2-4 colors.
LED PAR Lights are rounded strobes that typically display the full-color spectrum (ROYGBIV) individually. Lighting effects can be manipulated even on lowest priced PAR lights, while a higher priced option will give even more colors and a greater light output.
Gobo (Patterns) are used to project logos, simple messages, or any common or custom pattern that you’d like to match your event. They are light filter discs made from steel, glass, or plastic that have cut-out shapes or lettering etched into them. They attach directly to the front of any light or PAR light to project a pattern or message across your stretch shape or spandex backdrop/screen, such as a bride and groom’s names at a wedding reception. They can also be attached to a gobo rotator to add exciting pattern movements throughout the venue, or centered directly on your spandex shape to make them a main point of view.


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Customer Reviews

Review by Paula
Customer service
Great customer service. We had many questions and the agents were so knowledgeable and nice. The Spandex sails are very good quality, vibrant and appear to be durable. (Posted on 6/23/2018)

Review by Wicked Wood Music Festival
Customer service
Very helpful in assisting with design, look we wanted. Very fast production and all their colors are in stock unlike other companies. (Posted on 9/13/2017)

Review by Vanessa
Customer service
Our party rental has worked with this Company for over three years and they only get better at what they are so good at, being trhe best. We would never use any other company for any table linens, napkind or the hanging spandex. Quality, prices, the best customer service and the fastest shipping. (Posted on 6/14/2017)

Review by Chris Lang
Customer service
This screens is are worth every penny and more. The quality and reflectiveness is excellent and vivid. Also love that the white is now ultrawide and even up to 120" there are no seams! (Posted on 5/28/2017)

Review by Freya
Customer service
We have purchased Spandex table covers, spandex sails and Spandex trash can covers exculisvly from this company for over a year now. We receive so many compliment. I have even had competitors wanting to know who we purchase from becuae their supplier supplies cheap, see through thin hanging Spandex decor products. . This company has the best quality, and heavy weight Spandex. (Posted on 4/26/2017)

Review by luxe
Customer service
We have been purchasing all of our linens whenever possible from this company as they meet or exceed our high expectations every single time. You can not go wrong with this business. If ever there is a issue, call and speak with the owner Mr. Tony Cueto. He is very accsible. In over 30 purchases we have only had 1 issue and Mr. Cueto went out of his way to make it right. (Posted on 3/20/2017)

Review by Randy Rex
Customer service
Initially contacted another hanging spandex maker and they were not only not friendly but fairly clueless as well and also it would take them a week to order the 5 color sails I need. I called Premier and CS Mari was so sweet and appreciative of us as a customer. She explained that they keeps 1000's of yardage at all times and my sails would immediately go into production. I purchased 23 decorative Spandex for our event and it only took 2 days to make. I was impressed and when shipment arrived very pleased. Good stuff, good people, good prices. Mari, I am going to be an ambassador for your Co. (Posted on 3/3/2017)

Review by Yonne Zocean Hotel South Beach
Customer service
Have been doing business with this company for 2 yeas and they are spectacular!! Lines, napkins and the awesome Spandex sails. Tony does a fantastic job of getting the needs of his clients (including myself) in a professional, kind, and efficient manner that is hard to find in any business. I would definitely recommend this business to anyone, quality of the linens are great and prices are well matched. Thank you for your help always!! (Posted on 2/10/2017)

Review by Thornblade Club
Customer service
Have now used numerous times as backdrop for projection and performs well. (Posted on 2/3/2017)

Review by Shelby SOBE
Customer service
Well received at our property for decor and now offering the Spandex decor as an option to our clients reserving reception hall beginning this season. (Posted on 1/15/2017)

Review by Megan M Las Vegas
Customer service
Very well constructed. Really holds up. This is the 4th order with them and every single time they ship within 24 hours. (Posted on 12/21/2016)

Review by The Chattanoogan
Customer service
Good people, good product, good pricing. Impressed with the quality. (Posted on 12/16/2016)

Review by Wildcat
Customer service
The quality and reflectiveness of the screen spandex is excellent. It looks so much more professional and my images more vivid than before. I love that there is no seam in the middle somewhere, the edges are stitched which makes a subtle but big difference. I am very happy. (Posted on 8/25/2016)

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