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Fitted Tablecloths, Table Covers & Throws

8 Fabrics 150 + Colors available in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft & 8Ft sizes

Looking for fitted tablecloths look no further we have all sizes and widths available in a selection of fabrics and colors. As always Premier Table Linens has got you covered. Our fitted tablecloths are available in a choice of eight fabrics and a multitude of colors. We encourage customers to take the time and visit the eight different fitted tablecloth fabrics, read the informative descriptions, see photographs of the products and view the colors available. Then you will then be ready to create the perfect presentational complement for your display, convention, trade show, serving tables, welcome booth, meeting room or banquet! Make your selection from the options on the left in the category menu.

Also called fitted table covers or fitted table drapes, table throws were at one time primarily used for conventions and trade shows. Today fitted tablecloths and table covers / throws are very popular for any special event, meetings, displays and used by caterers, party rentals, hotels, resorts and country clubs. Fitted tablecloths also make excellent outdoor display tables for any event of function.

Custom Sized Fitted Table Covers (Your Options.)
Tables come in all shapes and sizes these days and there is no longer what one might call a standard size table. For this reason, Premier caters to all of our customers’ needs without the need for additional custom size pricing. Customers can select from the following options on all of our fitted tablecloths. Each option will be selectable on the product page.

Fitted Tablecloth Length Options.
Premier Table Linens manufactures our fitted tablecloths in the following lengths, 4 Foot length, 5 Foot 6 Foot and 8 Foot. Read more for option on height and width that we offer standard at no extra charge.

Fitted Table Cover Width Options. Not only do we offer our fitted table covers in all table size lengths we also are one of the few table linen manufacturers to also offer our fitted tablecloths in 18-inch width, 24-inch width and also 30-inch width.

Fitted Tablecloth Height Options The 30-inch height table is still the most commonly used table for display and conventions, however with the advent of many customers using tables that are 36-inches tall for outside or indoor display and greeting table at events, we have made the 36-inch height fitted tablecloth a standard feature on our website for certain fabric lines and we also in some cases have a 42-inch counter height fitted tablecloths available as well.

Fitted Tablecloths with Pleats All of our fitted table covers are manufactured with pleated corners. Our pleated fitted cover corners are created by us using a 3-inch inverted pleat on the fabric, giving a very finished and professional look to your tablespaces or display. The inverted pleating in the corners does allow for you to be able to lift the corner of the fitted tablecloth to gain access underneath to storage during your show.

Side Slit Options for your fitted tablecloth. Gaining access under your tablecloth during your show or conference can be mad much easier if you select our slit option for the table linens. When ordering your fitted cover, you will have the option to add a slit to any or each corner. This will enable you to be able to lift the corner of the table cover gaining access to the underneath of your table space.

Three or Four-Sided option. There are times when customers are exhibiting at a show, or you may have need to keep the back of your fitted tablecloth open so you and your team can have access underneath the table. Or you may have someone sitting at the table greeting people or such events as book signings or Dj’s find this option very popular. On the product page, customers can select the three-sided option, you can see from the picture on this page and also shown on each individual product that we leave a small drop on the back of the fitted table cover to anchor it onto the table and leave the rest of the back open.

Table Throws, We also have table throws in this category to complement our line of fitted tablecloths. A table throw is designed to do just as the name suggest you throw your fabric over the table and align so the fabric drapes to all four corners. We round the edges of the table throws so they do not puddle in the corners and maintain a uniformed table cover look when on the table of your choice. 

If you would like to sit back and let Ryan Cunningham explain the differences and options for our fitted tablecloths, then watch the video above. For faster reference, we have a graphic showing the difference on the bottom of the page 

In this fitted tablecloth and table throw category we offer eight fabrics: From Poly Premier, available in 74 colors, Majestic fitted tablecloths available in 20 colors, the new Spandex fitted table covers, Poly-Stripe in 33 radiant colors. The high-end ornamental Damask, available in our 5 bestselling Damask fabrics and 36 color patterns at the best price anywhere, guaranteed. Liquid Repellent fabric for events where drinks will be served. Any spills gather into a puddle and wipe right off.

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